the +cleanse.

Variety Scrunched.jpg

We have taken the average scrub to a new level, pushing the boundaries of the typical bathroom ritual. At the heart of our scrubs is arabica coffee seeds, designed to cleanse and revitalise blood flow to the skin. Along with essential oils and natural ingredients, our scrubs are not only deeply regenerating but they also smell delicious. Given the deep cleanse that our scrub allows, we recommend using our products 2 to 3 times per week.

starting right.

Day 1: 

Monday Venice Beach peppermint. Use this scrub during your morning wash. Peppermint leaf oil encourages your skin to come alive while the aloe vera soothes any morning soreness. The fresh arabica coffee stimulates your senses leaving you feeling fresh and ready to start your day.

midweek refresh.

Day 3: 

After a few days it is time for that deep cleanse feeling again. Malibu coconut + cacao is a perfect midweek friend. Warm and comforting, the coconut oil moisturises your skin while the arabica coffee allows you to stimulate blood flow in specific areas. Cacao acts as a comforter while the vitamin e oil helps soften the skin.  

Day 5: 

wash the week away.

Finish the week off right with Sunset tangerine. After scrubbing off the week, feel refreshed and invigorated with the help of citrus orange and macadamia oil leaving you skin feeling soft and smooth. After this weekly ritual your skin, mind and body are now set for the weekend ahead.