Welcome to the coolest brush around!

 Your Moby brush is designed to give you a great clean, keeping your gums and teeth strong and healthy while being kind to our oceans. Our brushes are designed to be replaced each month giving the maximum benefits of a new brush for your teeth. We know people have this weird connection with using old toothbrushes... we've all held onto that brush far too long. Well with Moby that is a thing of the past. If desired, a new brush will be shipped to you each month giving you that fresh glowing smile each day after day. 

Did you know that our brushes are made from renewable bamboo, providing sustainability to our forests and reducing the amount of plastics that reach our trash and oceans. Each time you brush, our renewable source of bamboo is busy being grown, harvest and prepared for your next brush. Yes, we never stop working!

Believe us our Moby brushes are good for you and the environment. A new non-plastic with fresh bristles helping your teeth and the environment delivered to you each month. We have created Moby in a direct response to a problem. Check out our oceans to find out more about ways we are doing our small part to help out.

Our medium strength bristle brushes gives you a strong reliable clean each time. These brushes have been designed to clean between teeth while being kind to your gums. We have launched Moby with medium strength bristles as studies have shown that medium bristled toothbrushes remove more plaque that softer bristle brushes.